Bylaw # 90 – Bare-Land Strata Subdivision Water Regulations

Bare-Land Strata Subdivision Water Regulations Bylaw NO. 90

A bylaw respecting the installation of water systems, and supply of water to bare-land strata subdivision of land in the area comprising the improvement district.

The Trustees of the Sointula Waterworks Improvement District ENACT AS FOLLOWS:

1. For the purpose of this bylaw:

(a) “Bare-Land Strata Plan” means a strata plan on which the boundaries of the strata lots are defined on a horizontal plane by reference to survey markers, and not by reference to the floors, walls and ceilings of a building.

(b) “Strata Lot” means a lot shown as such in a bare-land strata plan.

(c) “Common Property” means so much of the land and buildings designated on the bare-land strata plan, or designated by the strata corporation for the use of the strata lot owners.

(d) “Strata Corporation” means the corporation created by the Strata Property Act.

(e) “Strata Council” means the Council designated or elected pursuant to the bylaws.

(f) “Subdivision” means the subdivision of land under the Strata Property Act by bare-land strata plan.

2. Every owner of a proposed subdivision must submit for approval to the improvement district, following submission of the same to the Ministry of Transportation for approval of such subdivision plan under the Land Title Act, the following:

(a) The necessary bare-land strata plan of subdivision of lands, showing each and every lot, including all common property situated therein.

(b) A plan of the waterworks system including any and all fire hydrants, sprinklers or swimming pools to be connected to such system within such subdivision.

3. Every owner of a subdivision and every owner of land who subdivides any parcel of land within the improvement district must install, at his own expense and at no cost to the improvement district and under the supervision of the improvement district, or their representative, all water mains, fire hydrants, meters and other fittings and appurtenances deemed necessary by the improvement district construction standards to provide an adequate supply of water for domestic, commercial and fire protection use as is necessary for present use, and for the future growth or expansion of said subdivision, and must pay for all engineering costs.

4. Upon registration of the bare-land strata plan, and completion of the waterworks system, the strata corporation will be subject to all improvement district bylaws, and will be responsible for the payment of all tolls, taxes, or other charges levied by the improvement district, and will operate and maintain the works within the subdivision in a manner satisfactory to the improvement district.

5. Following the election or designation of the strata council, all terms and conditions set out in Section 4 above will become the responsibility of the strata council.

6. To assure adequate maintenance of the distribution mains, fire hydrants, and other fittings within the subdivision, the improvement district may enter into a legal agreement with the Strata Corporation or strata council respecting maintenance and repair of the works.

7. A person who commits an offence under this bylaw is liable on summary conviction to a penalty in accordance with the Offence Act.

8. This bylaw may be cited as the “Bare-Land Strata Subdivision Water Regulations Bylaw”.