Bylaw # 59 – 1995 Development Fee Charge Bylaw

Sointula Waterworks Improvement District
Bylaw #59
1995 Development Fee Charge Bylaw

A bylaw to amend the charge for development fees on new parcels created in the District.

Whereas it is considered that due to future and continuing development of land within the District through subdividing, it will be necessary at a future date to enlarge mains, renew pipelines, close loops, increase storage capacity or to otherwise in any way augment the works of the district to ensure an adequate water supply within the District, and whereas it is considered that the costs of the said enlarging of mains, renewing of pipelines, closing of loops, enlarging of water storage or otherwise in any way augmenting the works of the District to ensure an adequate water supply within the District shall be borne by persons subdividing land within the district. The Trustees of the Sointula Waterworks Improvement District enact as follows:

1. In addition to the provisions of the Subdivision Bylaw No. 7,* of the District, each and every subdivider shall pay a charge of Three Thousand Seven Hundred dollars ($3700.00), for each and every lot in his and/or her proposed subdivision, prior to its being approved by the trustees of the District.

2. This bylaw may be cited as the “Development Fee Charge Bylaw”.

*Note: Subdivision Water Regulation Bylaw No. 7 is repealed and replaced with “Subdivision Water Regulation Bylaw No. 81.”