Bylaw # 83 – Groups Assessment Bylaw

Groups Assessment Bylaw

Bylaw No.83

A bylaw to provide for making the assessment roll of the improvement district and to determine the basis of assessment and the method to be followed in classifying the lands in the improvement district.

The Trustees of Sointula Waterworks Improvement District ENACT AS FOLLOWS:

In this bylaw “parcel” means any lot, block or other area in which land is held or into which land is subdivided.

That the basis of assessment for the said assessment roll shall be parcels of land.

That the assessor must classify the parcels of land in the improvement district into groups as follows:

Group 1: Each and every parcel of land to which water can be supplied from the existing works of the improvement district.

Group 2: Each and every parcel of land not classified into Group 1.

That the assessment roll must be completed once every five years, prior to the billing of taxes in that year.

This bylaw repeals Bylaw No. 4

This bylaw may be cited as the “Groups Assessment Bylaw”.